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"I was on the edge of my seat, leaning into the exuberant joy, passion,

and uplifting truth that Kate Martin recently shared at an event I attended.

Her enthusiasm and love for life and making a difference is contagious!

She lovingly urges and inspires you to take action and shine your unique

and bright light onto the world TODAY...

because as she so passionately shares, we need you more than ever! 

Bravo, Kate and thank-you!"

-Barbara Techel

About Kate

   As an educator, consultant and ‘activation’ speaker, Kate Martin’s vision is to help others tap into their full capacity by learning to trust their brilliance more than their doubts. Kate’s work is aligned with those who have learned that our thoughts direct our lives, and as we learn techniques to replace worry and doubt with thoughts of love and creativity, we will move with ease to our passion and purpose.


   Kate has been a high school teacher for 27 years and retired in 2015.  She taught students with special needs as well as those in general education. While working with hundreds of parents over the years, she discovered that there was a significant lack of resources and educational opportunities to help them navigate the many demands of parenting today. For this reason, in 2013 she founded The Purposeful Parent, offering workshops and resources for parents, teachers, and caregivers.


   In 2016 Kate published a book intended to help reduce ‘pre-sleep’ anxiety experienced by many of her students.  The book has quickly become a beloved bedside sleep guide for people of all ages.  The book offers six simple techniques to help dismiss negative thoughts and replace them with positive thinking.


   Today, Kate is busy giving presentations to schools, businesses, community groups, and all who are eager to learn how to help individuals and groups tap into their full capacity!


The happier we are the greater our capacity

to heal ourselves and others. 

-Kate Martin


current offerings

Monday Positivity Power Talks


Mondays on ZOOM

6:30 TO 7:30 pm




May - 4, 11, 18

June - 8, 15, 22, 29

July - 6, 13, 27

August - 3, 10, 17

September - 7, 21, 28

October - 5, 12, 19

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What if positivity could become your default perspective?

How exciting and fun would this be for you?


Learn the magic of the BEST THOUGHTS techniques

and experience more wishes fulfilled today!


This three session course will provide-

  • a more thorough and in-depth look at the magical techniques.

  • real-life examples and directions for applying them.

  • follow-up after practicing the lesson action steps for a week.

  • an opportunity to have your personal concerns and questions addressed. 


     Did you ever wish you could try out a life coach, without feeling               committed for a lengthy period of time?

     Would you like to find a coach who could give you powerful strategies to    help YOU help YOURSELF?




3 and Free  

 Positivity Coaching

Three coaching sessions packed with strategies designed 

specifically for you to help you increase positivity in your life


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