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What if you learned that you had the power within to dramatically change your life for the better simply by altering one daily five minute activity?  

No push-ups required.

No need to cut out sweets or change your spending habits,

though this could bring about any or all of these if you so desire.

Would you be interested in learning more?  

If so, consider this your handbook!


"So, the timing of receiving Kate’s book was perfect. It reminds me of how God works in mysterious, and sometimes not so mysterious, way. Last Saturday, I started eating better, meditating and drinking lots of water. Now I’ve added reading (not surfing the internet) Kate’s book before going so sleep. Dare I say that I feel more calm during the day? That I have more energy? And that my food cravings have lessened? I do dare!!! I think the combination of everything is putting me in the right direction. And Danya loves reading the “Grownups Dr. Seuss” as she refers to it!"

             -Rebecca Zahn

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing your book ... It came just at the right time. Your book and it's emphasis on the subconscious mind was exactly what was needed. My daughter sent me a text the next day "Thank you for the book. It helps a lot and so do you. I appreciate that." Thank you from a teenager???? You have worked miracles. Thank you!!"


"Since reading Kate’s book everynight the biggest change I've noticed is that my mood towards other people is getting better. I feel like I have more patience, and I've caught myself saying the mantras during the day if I start thinking negatively!"

             -Kim Pechous

"I have noticed that when I do my ‘I AMs and I CANs before I go to sleep my body gets electrified with energy the next morning when I wake up… like I can’t wait to get started on things! I am excited to go to spin class. I am excited to call people rather than being apprehensive."

             -Liz Kultgen

" I treasure my book. It's amazing what a few minutes each evening can do!"

             -Cheryl Grossjean Phelan

"IAfter reading Kate’s book out loud at night, I have found I am much more positive throughout the day and am a little less harsh with myself when I do something wrong or inefficiently! I have a lot more confidence to say what I need to in tough situations and I think that it is due to me saying things such as "I am strong" at night when I am reading best practice no.4! I have also been reading best practice no. 6 at night which has been so helpful! Thanking myself for the good things I do during the day has made me much easier on myself and has made me realize that the mistakes I make aren't near the number of good intentional things that I do."

             -Kristin Crowe

"I love the book! Purchased three extras and gifted them. It is fabulous!"

             -Dawn Kopac

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