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THE Purposeful Parent

     It is our goal to help the next generation(s) be more emotionally and socially healthy than any prior. By working with parents, we can help avoid those common practices that have proven to be ineffective and even harmful, replacing them with those that have proven successful by both theorists and parent practitioners again and again, over time.  No more 'flying by the seat of our pants' when a child behaves in an unexpected manner.  " No more, "...well this is the way I was raised, and I turned out just fine."  It is our mission to help educate and liberate parents as they move beyond 'just fine' to parenting with PURPOSE to develop a new generation of more confident, resilient, morally & socially responsible, and yes, happy individuals.

     Kate Martin is the founder and key trainer for 'The purposeful Parent.' After working as a secondary teacher for 27 years she joined Dr. Frank Alessi training educators and administrators across the country to help establish a culture of responsibility within schools. (see She now resides in Racine, Wisconsin working to help parents through her own workshops and by supplying resources through this webpage.


mindfulness parenting for the new parent

Mindfulness Parenting: Long term development vs short term compliance.


In this three-session workshop, parents of young children will:


  • Gain an understanding of the importance of their personal psychological premise and how it dictates every decision they make with their children.

  • Learn how to create conditions and procedures to help limit behavior incidents and the need to 'react' to them.

  • Be introduced to techniques based on a healthy and loving mindset that can be used immediately in the home to set the groundwork for life-long healthy relationships.


The Beauty of the Teenage Brain

What if you learned that all of those seemingly irresponsible teen characteristics that you find so highly frustrating are actually necessary for your child's healthy development? Would it make parenting a teen just a little bit easier?

In this workshop, parents will:

  • Learn about the remarkable network upgrade taking place right in their own living room ... on the couch!

  • Learn just what motivates a teen by exploring their unique psychological needs.

  • Practice and be ready to apply the take-home strategies designed to help reduce conflict and bring peace to the home where a teen resides.

External vs Internal Control Parenting

Using psychologically based strategies to replace trial and error parenting with tried and true. 

In this three session workshop parents will:

  • review and evaluate present disciplinary practices and their effectiveness.

  • learn how to avoid the roadblocks to communication and practice techniques to avoid power struggles. 

  • learn the art of asking powerful questions to help the child internalize and evaluate behaviors.

  • learn the basic guidelines for responsibility training.  


"Kate Martin's engaging presentations will change how you see yourself, others, and your relationships for the better, no matter how good or bad things might be right now. And to top it off, she does this work powerfully, gently, and with humor."

             -Dr. Frank Alessi / Create Acorn 'A Culture of Responsibility Now'  New York / Founder

"I have worked with Kate in a school setting and have seen firsthand her heartfelt desire to improve parent-child relationships and child development.  Love is always at the core of her successful strategies and approaches, making her a wonderful resource!"

          -Katie Ballbach / Case High

School, Racine, WI / Psychologist

"Kate has this uncanny ability to make you feel completely at ease and yet incredibly challenged at the same time.  You are inspired to push yourself further in your role.  I walk away a better teacher, mom, and human each time we talk."

           -Katie Kimmel / Elementary

School Teacher & Parent

"This was not my way of thinking, so after the training, I went home and tried it with my grown son.  It worked so well, I was forever hooked!"

          -Sue Bartoszuk / Unified Schools,

Racine, WI / School Assistant & Parent

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