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A prescription for you: three gut laughs per day!

Laughter is a funny thing, isn't it? Of course that is redundant, but I'm talking about the unexpected side-effects of laughter. I remember reading the Readers Digest section entitled, 'Laughter, the Best Medicine' as a youngster and thought it quite funny, but I didn't really take the whole medicinal aspect of humor seriously.

I recently read that feelings of anger can compromise the immune system for up to five hours whereas laughter can boost it for up to 24 hours! Wow! That's fantastic! For this reason, I put the words, Three Gut Laughs on my vision board which hangs next to my bed.

Why settle for the snicker when you can have a side-splitter, right? When I glance at the words before sleep and again in the morning, you can bet I will be laughing until I cry that same day! It is amazing--and sooo healthy!

So for you, I prescribe that you do the same (that is if you have a vision board) If not, you could also simply write 'Gut laughs" in your journal or even say it out loud several times before sleep! Go ahead, try it tonight --YOu can expect to experience the magic of laughter tomorrow! Remember, you were designed to be joyful!

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